More默爾義式餐廳 姐夫的臨時起意說要去MORE, 想吃就走吧~~己過了中午用餐時間人還是很多的啊~~原本以 烤肉食材為還要 帛琉等很久~~還好5分鐘後就有位置啦~~上 seo班的、上畫畫課的、有事的沒跟上的下次就要自己來嚐鮮 信用貸款啦~~呵呵~~謝謝親愛的姐夫招待喔~~ The article in English version for thank 室內設計s my brother-in-law to treat our lunch. My brother-in-law suddenly get new idea, let’s go 酒店工作 MORE to eat pasta, we think nobody no any comments and all want to eat and then let’s go, the MORE restaurant h 酒店打工ave full house over the lunch time, I thought that maybe waiting for a long time~~ just after five minutes we have seats ~~for the other sib 會場佈置ling to say sorry, because you have a work, have painting class and haven’t free time to go with us to eat delicious pasta, next time, you’ll be go alone to 辦公室出租 eat pasta in the MORE restaurant ~~ ha-ha ~~ Thank you my dear brother-in-law~~ 南瓜野菇鮮蔬麵 奶油雞肉磨菇焗烤 香蒜花枝義大利麵 泰式檸檬雞肉麵 田園野菇鮮蔬奶油焗烤 奶油雞肉義 室內裝潢大利麵  .
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